It started with one mans vision! That man was Mr Glyn Jones!

Picture if you will, a dashing ex cavalryman, recently retired from Her Majesty's service. He was more use to switching between Ceremonial duties and being balls deep in the Balkans than facing a life of Facilities Management. He was still in his prime and longed for action and adventure. So with Valhalla on his mind he vowed he would not be content with burying himself in the dark depressing world of "Civvie street".  

He needed a purpose. Something that required his flair, imagination, masterful organisational skills, his passion for all things Blue Red Blue and his almost unhealthy love of the Bren gun.


After much thought The Household Cavalry Veterans Banger Rally was conceived!

Chuck in some old comrades, the battlefields of northern Europe, some old bangers, a military charity, some dubious trophies and a beer or two and it was game on!


The first rally started on familiar ground, Knightsbridge before crossing the channel and heading to Pegasus Bridge in Normandy for the first night, the next day it was up and away early for the epic drive to Arnhem in Holland via lunch at Waterloo. In Arnhem the first prize giving ceremony was held at the Pegasus bar.


Since then the rally has visited, Bayeaux, Honfleur, Arras, Dunkirk, Ypres, Dinant, Dieppe, St Valery-en Ceaux, Tournai, Bastogne, Foy, Mons, Hereford, Cumbria, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, the D-Day beaches of Normandy, the Somme, Passhendaele, Vimy Ridge, The Maginot Line. 





2023 will be the 8th rally and this time we are heading back down through France.

To participate in the HCav Veterans rally you just need to abide by three simple rules

  1. All cars must host at least one serving or ex serving Household Cavalryman. 
  2. All teams must ensure that their cars are road legal, and not exceed a purchase price of £1000.
  3. Not dick heads! (as decided by the founder members).